Pointe & Pre-Pointe



Pre-Pointe is a class separate from regular ballet class. This allows students ample time to learn the proper strength and alignment necessary for pointe work. It also allows the teachers to assess the student's readiness which will help reduce injury once in their shoes. Our teachers use the Perfect Pointe System to assess dancers for:

Basic Ballet Technique

Foot & Ankle Strength

Pointe Range

Anatomical Structure of the Foot

Turnout Range and Control

Core Control

Maturity & Physical Development


Once a student can correctly perform all of the tests she should be strong enough to commence Pointe work under the guidance of a qualified teacher. 


Pointe is the part of classical ballet training which requires the dancers to wear Pointe shoes. This allows them to dance on fully stretched, tips of the toes. Dancers will progress onto pointe once they have hit specific age and technical requirements, completed at least one year of pre-pointe, and have had a teachers assesment and approval.

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