Jazz is a very energetic dance form that includes jumps, turns, kicks and floor work. It can be characterized by the technical and sharp movements. Jazz technique hightlights the importance of engaging your core, so that difficult movements can be executed well and performed with ease. Jazz has evolved into a style that not only follows this modern technique, but heavily emphasizes the importance of individuality and the showcase of terms. Jazz is a very umbrella term that takes into account tap, ballet, jazz music and African-American rhythms and dance, since they all come from similar roots. Body coordination, core strength, ballet training and flexibility are key elements for success in this genre.

At TDC we offer ADAPT Jazz & Tap training. ADAPT is an acronym which stands for: "Associated Dance Arts for Professional Teachers". ADAPT teachers work professionally to maintain the highest standard of dance training excellence this country has to offer. These dance teachers are leaders in quality dance training. They teach the love of dance and movement not only to the elite student, but to the recreational dancer as well.

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