At TDC studio, we thrive from our competitive program while also offering a performance and pre-school program – offering something for everyone.

Since 2017, Taryn’s Dance Company has strived to foster a love of dance while also providing a strong dance education across all programs and ages.

We have nurtured more than a hundred passionate hearts to the art of dancing and even led some to competitions where they took home scholarships in New York and cash prizes.

TDC doesn’t just offer quality dance education – we also offer a community. Each year we build lasting friendships and relationships through spreading the holiday cheer during Christmas parties, sharing the camaraderie during dance events and shows, spending valuable time on birthdays, and working towards our collective goals.

With our Intellidance® programs, Fine Arts Club, and our genuine care for our dancers, the TDC community not only makes dancing a worthwhile endeavor, but also a formative experience that brings joy to our dancers of all ages.

About Taryn’s
Dance Company

Our Facility

Our facility features two large studios, both over 1000 square feet each, with mirrors, sound systems, barres and impact absorption flooring. We also have a lobby, student lounge, washrooms and office.

Ready to Dance?

Step into the World of Dance with TDC


Form Lasting Friendships and Celebrate Achievements in a Supportive Environment

From Ballet to Hiphop, Join a Vibrant Dance Community and Thrive in Your Dance Journey

Open Hours
Sunday to Saturday
8:00am to 6:00pm


Unit #3, 4913 52nd Ave Leduc, Alberta

1 (780) 739-0227


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