This is an avenue for youngsters to take their first step on the dance floor and develop their dance skills.
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Pre-School Program

In TDC’s newly revamped Pre-School program, we’ve organized it into four specific age groups. We acknowledge the substantial growth and development our young dancers experience each year, so our program is designed to meet their evolving needs at every stage!

Performance Program

The performance program at TDC is designed for dancers aged 6 and above, accommodating those interested in recreational or pre-competitive dancing. Classes under this program will compete in at least one festival in the spring – with options to perform in more if desired.

Competitive Program

TDC offers 4 competitive teams – Mini, Junior, Intermediate and Senior. The teams are designed to make competitive dancers successful in their craft. As the dancers grow and mature, the class requirements increase as well. Each team competes all of their choreography classes at 4 competitions each spring.


Step into the mesmerizing world of dance disciplines, where every movement is a symphony of grace and precision.

Extra Choreography

TDC also offers Extra Choreography, which is any piece of choreography that is not done within a scheduled class. This includes: solos, duets, trios, and extra groups. To learn more, you can email us with inquiries about this program.

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Fine Arts Club™

 At the Fine Arts Club, we’re passionate about nurturing young minds during this pivotal stage of development! Dance, Yoga, and Fitness, Music, Art and Drama and Imagination

Summer Sessionals Program

 In June, TDC offers dancers the opportunity to continue their training, or to try out a new class before committing to the full season.

8 week Sessional Program

 In June, TDC offers dancers the opportunity to continue their training, or to try out a new class before committing to the full season.

This is my daughters first time ever in dance and we chose Taryns because of all the positive feedback we have heard. My daughter is in the tiny ballet class and she absolutely LOVES coming to class every Sunday. Her teacher Miss Courtney just has a way with the kids and is able to keep them focused while having fun and learning new moves! Miss Olivia is also such a wonderful teacher!! Such a welcoming and enjoyable environment to be in.. and love that they have the option for your kid to try out a class without fully committing!

– Tatyana

We are a new addition to the dance family/life. My daughter talked about wanting to dance for as long as I can remember and being only 4 she was sure of being apart of it. I was apprehensive because I have two other young kids and bringing them all seemed overwhelming. They never judged and let us in with open arms. They have a space for families to sit while the classes are running if need be. My daughter absolutely loves miss Courtney and talks about her often outside of class and even asks to make drawings for her. I know she's comfortable in her class because she's extremely goofy around her, which can be challenging and frustrating. Her age group especially can be difficult to keep them engaged and focused however Miss Courtney does an outstanding job on finding ways around it. Highly recommend. Thank you again for being so great with the little ones and teaching them.

– Michele

TDC has been great for our first year! From the beginning of the season until the end, the studio is run so efficiently. Taryn is very organized and communicates to parents very effectively. Everything is so well laid out, including what the costs will be from start to finish. Highly recommend this studio!

Dance Parent

This was our first year with TDC in the Petite and Beginner Ballet programs. My girls really enjoyed their time here and we will be returning next year. All the staff and teachers are all really amazing and lovely to work with. They've been very accommodating and supportive throughout everything. All my many questions as a first time dance mom were answered quickly via email, or when I had come into the studio, everyone was very knowledgeable. I was really impressed with the year end recital and watching all the performances, I can't imagine the amount of work that went into such a huge show, not only did my daughters have a great time performing, I had a great time watching everyone show off their impressive skills. We highly recommend TDC.

Dance Parent

From the moment you step through the doors, you are greeted with a warm and positive energy radiating throughout the studio and staff. Their dedication to creating a welcoming and supportive environment truly sets Taryn’s Dance Studio apart. Their passion for dance and commitment to each dancer's journey is evident in every interaction. I am continually impressed by the professionalism and dedication exhibited by everyone at the studio. Taryn’s Dance Studio has truly become a second home for my daughter, and I am immensely grateful for the positive impact you've had on her dance journey.


Dear future dance parents and anyone considering a dance studio, whether it’s for a few classes or for exploring the competitive team - TDC is a wonderful choice ! TDC has grown over the years and we have been there from the beginning. Through this growth, the studio and the teaches have exemplified professionalism and always provide dynamic class instruction. My daughter has grown up at this studio, they have guided her and supported her and for this we are forever grateful. Next year is a big year, see you in your 8 th season TDC , our daughters graduating year !

Kerry and Darrell Huber

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