Meet Taryn Johnson, the heart, soul and CEO behind Taryn’s Dance Company. Growing up, Taryn was highly dedicated to dance – from Ballet to Hip Hop, she immersed herself in every style imaginable. Her journey took her around the world, learning from top-notch instructors and soaking up experiences that would shape her future as both a teacher and studio owner. Armed with certifications in Acrobatic Arts (Modules I & II), ADAPT Jazz/Tap, and enriched by countless workshops and conventions that shaped her approach to nurturing dancers of all levels, Taryn's teaching journey was launched with determination in 2011.

Since the establishment of TDC in 2017, Taryn has nurtured a cadre of dancers who have ascended to remarkable heights in the world of dance. Her protégés have graced renowned stages, from competing in The Dance World Cup in Portugal to performing on Broadway. Her dancers have enthralled audiences in iconic events like the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in NYC as well as The Alberta Ballet’s production of The Nutcracker. Her students have additionally embarked on developmental workshops in locales as diverse as Los Angeles and Italy. Moreover, numerous dancers have continued their dance education at esteemed post-secondary institutions. She is also very excited to see even more of her dancers performing in Paris and Orlando in 2024!

While accolades and achievements of her choreography and instruction have been plentiful, with numerous category and choreographer of the day awards, Taryn remains grounded in her commitment to providing a nurturing environment where dancers of all ages can thrive. Her commitment extends beyond competitive realms to ensure that every dancer, whether in performance, recreational, or pre-school programs, is bestowed with the same love for dance that fuels her own journey.

Looking forward, Taryn eagerly awaits the unfolding chapters of Taryn’s Dance Company and the journeys of its dancers. She extends heartfelt gratitude to the dedicated team, students, and families whose unwavering support breathes life into her studio’s vision of dance excellence and inclusivity. All of which, makes TDC feel like home.